Experienced Turnaround and Value Investing Professionals

Origination and Capital Markets

Lead advisor and specialist at acquisition of non-performing loans from banks, corporate and government-entities. Strong expertise and experience at identifying, assessing and structuring proposals, deals and transactions; coordinating with banks, consultants and lawyers, as well as responsibility for preparing and presenting acquisition proposals to the Board Committee on completion of due diligence, valuation, pricing and negotiation reports.


Restructuring and Underwriting

Resolution strategy and resolution plans on acquired assets, determining the options for remediation, rescheduling, recovery and settlement, as well as coordinating the legal proceedings, documentation and executing transactions for securing profitable exits.


Risk Infrastructure Management

Wide experience in risk management, delinquency management and risk aggregation in credit, market, operation and sale functions, as well as strategic and tactical consulting on balance sheet management, financial reporting, strategic planning, information technology and setting-up and implementing internal controls


Fundraising and Investor Relations

Debt and equity capital funding strategies through corporate, institutional and sovereign investor relations, conferences, forums and other promotional outreach for global issuance, private placement and other capital market operations with sound knowledge of financial and capital markets, underwriting, distribution and trading of securities, liquidity management, hedging instruments, asset class risk-return preference, risk-return characteristics, benchmarks and metrics.


Revenue and Debt Recovery

Strong experience in resolution of complex billing, collection, auditing, receivable, payment processing and delinquent account recovery in energy and infrastructure utilities with data driven approach, advanced technology platform and proactive customer engagement, as well as expertise in regulatory and statutory compliance, tax administration, assessment and collection; and revenue enhancement outsourcing.


Engineering and Technical Operations

Technical expertise in petroleum reserves evaluation, audit and review, field development studies, seismic, geological and geophysical data, inventory valuation, metering system, reservoir measurement, analytic techniques, as well as design verification, calibration services, impairment testing, asset valuation services, technical due diligence, facilities audit and competent person’s report.