Our Businesses


  • Revenue cycle management, receivable collections, debt recoveries, bills invoicing, claims processing and payment outsourcing, public auctions and disposal of assets.

  • Due diligence, evaluation, screening, investigation, monitoring, inspection and reporting of covenants, compliance on loans, advances, credits and guarantees.

  • Receivership and liquidation for foreclosure, negotiation, disposal and sales of illiquid and insolvent businesses for recovery of overdue debts and non-performing assets.

  • Corporate and asset valuation, forecasting, data analytics, simulation studies, supply chain optimization, expert testimony, modeling, environmental and regulatory compliance.

  • Fund structuring, placement and raising advisory for patient equity, debt and quasi-equity growth capital


  • Debt issuance programmes of high-yield fixed-income securities for tactical non-performing assets and receivables collection opportunities.

  • Compelling private equity investing in special situations providing growth capital and strategic supports to achieve substantial value creation, capital appreciation and dividend yield.

  • Investing in the initial public offerings of underpriced and overlooked quality equity securities to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities.